How good is your horse ?

It is a question that every horse rider ask itself : what is the level of my horse ? And because we perfectly know that it is not always easy to estimate your horse's level, we give you some advices and tips to define at best your mount's capacities, and improve them as well. Follow our suggestions and you will quickly become a professional horse rider !

How to define the skills of your horse

Above all it requires a great observation of your horse : watch it work, when you are riding it but also when you work on foot. A good way to spot its talents and its weaknesses as well is to ask someone else to ride its. But you also have to take its genes into account : indeed, obviously a horse which is descended from a dressage line will never be able to jump perfectly, as well as a jumping horse won't be a dressage star.

How to make it better

Once you spot your horse's skills, you have to get used to : if you notice that your horse has a great desire regarding jumping, make it practice essentially jumping. But if on the contrary it shows weakness, just focus on dressage. Above all you should respect its capacities and never demand it more than it is able to do : don't ask it to accomplish some feats, just be satisfied with its abilities. And don't forget : ask little, reward a lot !

Find here tips and tricks

Here you can find a lot of tips to take advantage of your horse's abilities. You will find testimonies of horses riders which could help you, and you can share yours as well. Do not hesitate to tell us about your experiences, your successes, but also your doubts : we are here to help you dispelling them and go ahead respecting your horse !

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